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The Future We're Building

Around the world, something incredible is happening — together, people are sparking a revolution in the way we live and thrive on this planet. We are building a world in which only truly necessary and non-toxic plastics are produced, and even those are re-used, repaired, or recycled. As the sparks of this global movement catch fire, we are daring to imagine a future in which respect for our beautiful planet is woven into the actions of every corporation, government and individual — and we are collaborating with brilliant people to transform this vision into reality.

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The Work We're Funding

Our fund supports a diverse constellation of incredible people who are working to re-imagine and reshape the future. We are especially inspired by initiatives that catalyze change as close to the source of the plastic problem as possible, and by radically collaborative projects that contribute to the strength of the exhilarating, multi-organizational movement that is currently sweeping the globe.

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Pathway to a Plastic-Free Future

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Story of Plastic

San Francisco, California

Zero-Waste Cities

Asia Pacific Region

Collaborative Strategy for Plastics Reduction in Indonesia


Stopping the Flow of Micro-Plastics Into the Bay of Bengal

Bengal, India

Zero Waste in Taiwan


Reducing Plastics Usage in Cambodia


Stopped at the Source: Halting the Flood of New Plastic

Washington DC

Plastic Exposed—Food Packaging and Health

Damariscotta, Maine

Building Vietnam’s Zero Waste Movement


Greenhouse Gas Emissions and the Plastics Lifecycle

Washington DC

Zero Waste Berkeley—Eliminating Disposable Foodware

Berkeley, CA

Project No Burn

The Philippines

Building State Champions for Action on Plastic Pollution

Washington DC

Plastic Free Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA


Delhi, India

Question How You Hydrate

New York, NY

Pushing Back on Industry Pro Plastic Lobby and Ensuring that Canada keeps its Promises

Toronto, Canada

Shifting Paradigms through State Policy

Sacramento, CA

Legal Strategies to Break Free From Plastic

Eugene, Oregon

Building a Strong Coordinated National Plastics Campaign in the Philippines

Quezon City, Philippines

Empowering the Global Movement to Tackle the Toxic Liabilities in the Life Cycle of Plastics

Gothenburg, Sweden

Coordinating and Convening a BFFP U.S Movement

Houston, Texas

Throw-Away-Free: Culture Hacking Single Use to Reuse

Damariscotta, ME

Quick Response to Support Waste pickers and Waste Workers in Asia in the Time of COVID19 Pandemic

Malabon City, Philippines

Consolidation and Coordination of German NGO Exit Plastic Alliance

Hamburg, Germany

Zero Waste Cities Project Phase II

Quezon City, Philippines

Towards A New Global Governance Approach To Address Plastic Pollution

London, England

Rethinking Plastic 2.0: A cornerstone to a successful EU Circular Economy

Brussels, Belgium

Frontline Support to Fight the Petrochemical Buildout in Appalachia

Melcroft, PA

AZWI Project Boost Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia

Reclaiming Recycling to Accelerate Peak Plastic and a Just Recovery

Minneapolis. MN

Modeling Zero Waste Resiliency on US College Campuses During COVID-19

Philadelphia, PA

Coordination of the BFFP Participation at Bamako Convention / COP3

Seattle, WA

Defending Democracy in the Deep South

New Orleans, LA

Exposing Irresponsible Lobbying on Behalf of the European Plastics Industry

Brussels, Belgium

Zero Waste Living Lab Indonesia

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Building Baltimore’s Commitment to a Just Transition to Zero Waste

Baltimore, Maryland

Turning the Tables to Stem the Tide: Leveraging Legal and Financial Risk to Stop the Plastic Production Buildout

Washington, DC


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The People Driving Change

The Plastic Solutions Fund is an international funder collaborative. We provide a trusted platform for new philanthropic investment in pursuit of our vision, and promote innovative collaboration among individuals and institutions in order to galvanize radical, large-scale and permanent solutions to the problem of plastic pollution. The collaborative is a sponsored project of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to help donors create thoughtful and effective philanthropy throughout the world.

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