Shifting Paradigms through State Policy

This grant will support a US state-by-state strategic legislative movement that paves the way for national and global reform to comprehensively address the harms caused by plastic pollution along the entire supply chain.

The aim is to achieve strong policy change by combining a coordinated grassroots movement with state policy expertise. Progressive state policies will be paired with mounting public pressure on corporations to curb plastic pollution. Local, grassroots power-building in multiple states will allow coalition members to support development of laws rooted in equity that will usher in new paradigms in some states while planting the seeds of culture change in others.

Collaborators on this project are the Surfrider Foundation, USPIRGs, StudentPIRGs, GAIA, Clean Water Action, Seventh Generation Advisors, Story of Stuff, Safer States, Zero Waste Washington, Californians Against Waste Foundation, National Caucus of Environmental Legislators (NCEL), Greenpeace and Oceana.


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