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The Plastic Solutions Fund is looking for an experienced fundraiser, collaborator & communicator to support the efforts of a growing collective of civil society organizations seeking to influence the United Nations Global Plastics Treaty negotiations.

1 October 2023


Plastic pollution is a growing crisis for the environment, human health, human rights, biodiversity, and the climate and actions to address it are needed at every level. The Global Plastics Treaty – dubbed by UN Environment Programme Executive Director Inger Anderson “the most important multilateral environmental deal since the Paris climate accord” — offers a key opportunity to address the intersecting planetary crises fueled by single use plastic.

A strong treaty will commit the world to dramatic reductions in plastic production, phasing out the most toxic and problematic polymers, additives and products; it will ensure those plastics that remain are safe for communities where they are made, used, and reused; it will ensure transparency around plastic production and use; control trade to prevent countries and companies from gaming the system; and provide financial support for a just transition. A bad treaty, on the other hand, would enshrine false solutions such as incineration and chemical recycling, allow countries to set their own individual and unambitious targets, and hand regulatory responsibility over to the private sector through plastic credit mechanisms while allowing FMCG companies and plastic producers to claim that the problem has been adequately addressed. A strong treaty will also set the framework and goals for fruitful national and regional advocacy and signal to investors across the supply chain that the era of endless plastics is ending, while a bad treaty would jeopardize years of work at the national and regional levels and threaten future advocacy.

The Plastic Solutions Fund (PSF) recognises the pressing need to mobilize financial resources to support civil society leadership and influence, which is essential to a successful outcome for the Global Plastics Treaty. We estimate that adequately funding this work will cost in the order of $35-$40M over the next two years. Post agreement, additional funds will be required to ensure the treaty’s ratification, entry into force, transposition into national law, and effective implementation. This consultancy is part of PSF’s commitment to help identify and mobilize the resources civil society needs to maximize their influence in the process and help guarantee a high ambition outcome.

To support the fundraising effort the PSF is helping establish the Global Plastics Treaty Fundraising Collective – an inclusive and supportive platform for civil society organizations dedicated to advancing an ambitious global plastics treaty. With the ability to network 100s of civil society organizations with interested funders, the Collective is imagined as the hub of this intensive fundraising effort.

The PSF is also supporting an advisory committee to advise PSF and other interested funders on the strategic use of GPT related funds. This advisory committee will include members of the Break Free From Plastic Global Steering Committee [GAIA Global & Asia Pacific, Greenpeace, Zero Waste Europe, Nexus 3 (Indonesia), KKPKP (India), Plastic Change (Denmark), China Zero Waste Alliance, Oceana] along with other organizations that form part of the larger coalition [PSF is currently talking to a number of networks and inviting them to participate in the advisory committee]. PSF will seek advice from this advisory committee with regard to the priorities for PSF funding and share this advice with the PSF Board and Grants Committee. It will be up to each interested funder to engage the advisory committee as they see fit.

A successful proposal/applicant will be excited by the ambition of this proposal, motivated by empowering civil society organizations in a just and equitable manner and have a network of relationships in philanthropy that can be leveraged to support this effort.

Working closely with the PSF Executive Director, who will oversee the implementation of this project, the day to day work of the successful candidate will be in partnership with and in service of the Collective rather than the PSF. The Collective will be supported by an Advisory Committee of organizations who will be available to offer advice to funders. Fundraising efforts will mainly be geared towards private foundations.

Scope of Work

The GPT Fundraiser will lead on the following outcomes, with support from the PSF staff team and/or additional consultants:
● Fundraise for a community of organizations, who are located all over the world, for the Global Plastics Treaty.
● Building a community of contributing funders & database of potential projects
● Launching a GPT Fundraising Collective website/portal to link funders and organizations
● Developing communications & outreach materials to support the GPT Fundraising goals
● Identifying funding prospects and supporting funder outreach
● Supporting collaborative project development to interest larger funders and/or to access larger pools of funding
● Linking interested funders with the Advisory Committee


● Background and experience in successful fundraising
● A minimum of 7 years experience working with philanthropies in the US and/or Europe
● Excellent project manager with a record of successful project implementation
● Experience facilitating groups that hold a diverse range of perspectives and identities
● Experience working with/for organizations that center grassroots strategies for social and/or political change
● Experience navigating and facilitating hard conversations toward generative conflict and consensus
● Skilled at building relationships based on trust
● Strong content creation skills, website and database experience
● A global perspective
● Written and spoken fluency in English, Spanish fluency desirable, other language proficiencies a plus.
● Experience working in and with remote teams


30-40 h per week for six months with a likely renewal for another 6-12 months based on the success and learnings of the first six month contract.


This is a remote position and may include international travel at times. We would ideally like the candidate to be located either in the US or Europe, closer to major philanthropic institutions. However, we will consider strong candidates from across the globe.


PSF has an equitable contracting policy that provides fair and equitable compensation to all employees and contractors, considering their location, scope of work, experience, and background. We are committed to promoting diversity and equity through our hiring and contracting practices.e strive to attract and retain a diverse pool of qualified candidates and ensure that all candidates are evaluated fairly and objectively.

About Plastic Solutions Fund

The Plastic Solutions Fund is an international funder collaborative dedicated to tackling the crisis of plastic pollution, which impacts the health of people and ecosystems all over the planet. Established in 2017, PSF’s giving focuses on systems transforming interventions with a prevention is better than cure mindset, making grants across the plastic supply chain from extraction to disposal. Recognizing that the plastics economy is driven by (and benefits) some of the most powerful vested interests around the world, the PSF is dedicated to building grassroots movement power to catalyze change now and in the future. The PSF believes that greater impact will be achieved if civil society and philanthropy work together in partnership. PSF is proud to have helped establish, and continue to fund the global grassroots movement Break Free From Plastic (BFFP). Over the next five years we seek to work with BFFP and its allies to help extend its reach, power and capacity.


PSF is interested in receiving proposals from interested individuals and/or organizations who can demonstrate a commitment to this work and the skills to implement it. This is a rolling selection process, so please provide us with a written proposal addressing the scope of work and the listed requirements, as well as your proposed compensation rate by your earliest convenience. We will be expediting decision making and hope to have a consultant in place by the end of October 2023.

Please submit your application to gpt@plasticsolution.org