The Tagaytay Strategy and Break Free From Plastic

In 2016, an extraordinary selection of people gathered in Tagaytay, Philippines, at the invitation of the Oak and Marisla Foundations.

They came from a wide spectrum of NGOs, charities, foundations, and research institutes. Some were oceans activists. Some were working on consumption and packaging. Some were concerned about the rapid expansion of the petroleum industry and its impact on marginalized communities. All were deeply aware that the world faced a growing emergency from plastic pollution. Together, they did something that happens all too rarely in the world of social change: they agreed on a common global strategy to tackle it. The Tagaytay Strategy that emerged from that meeting set out an agenda for transformation:

  • ¬†achieve peak plastic packaging and other single use disposable applications by 2025, as the first big step towards elimination of all non-essential uses by 2035
  • effect an immediate slowdown in plastic use and/or leakage in those countries most vulnerable to pollution
  • support and build the foundations of the global movement to say no to plastic packaging waste, to embrace zero waste principles and stop the tide of plastic flowing into the ocean

The #breakfreefromplastic movement was born.

The Oak and Marisla Foundations helped establish the Plastic Solutions Fund in January of 2017 to fuel that movement with strategic philanthropic investment.


The Way We Work

Recognizing the strategic importance of the Tagaytay Strategy as well as its evolution over time, the Plastic Solutions Fund seeks to support its objectives in three ways:

  • priority grant making in support of identified priorities;
  • leveraging of additional philanthropic and other funds in support of the Strategy more generally; and
  • thought leadership¬†that sets the parameters for the scale, type and pace of change to required.

We believe that when enough people believe change is possible, change becomes possible. We work to transform the systems that drive our increasing production and consumption of plastic, not just the systems used to manage its disposal. We believe in community, and the power of unusual allies with multiple goals and divergent tactics working together to solve a common problem. We believe that cooperation, generosity, and trust are essential to building the strong and diverse global movement essential to drive the transformation.

The Work We're Funding

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Strategic priorities

Recognizing that the Plastic Solutions Fund can best support its objectives by being as focused as possible with its giving, we primarily support projects that exemplify one or more of these strategies:

  • build the movement
  • change the narrative
  • transform companies
  • promote zero-waste cities
  • fight petrochemicals

The Work We're Funding

Recycling and Waste Trade Research Project

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Zero-Waste Cities

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Break Free From Plastic Communications Hub

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