Break Free From Plastic Communications Hub

The #breakfreefromplastic global movement emerged in mid-2016 as one of the outcomes of the meetings that also formulated and adopted the Tagaytay Strategy.

Initially comprised of the 100 groups associated with the Tagaygay meeting, 1,400 organizations and 6,118 individuals (as of October 2018) have signed up at since the site’s launch in late 2016. With so many organizations in so many countries around the world, many of whom are working at the local level, there is a unique opportunity (and related challenge) to curate, aggregate and amplify their voices in such a way that age-old industry messages can start to be replaced with new ones about the need and opportunity to reduce plastic use, waste and pollution.

With the help of Plastic Solutions Fund, this project has established a 24/7 global communications hub for the Break Free From Plastic Movement. Staff in Southeast Asia, Europe, and the US are working to position the Break Free from Plastic movement and its constituent organizations as the visible leading source of news, information and commentary on plastic pollution issues generally and the primary voice advocating for and implementing on-the-ground solutions.

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