Coordinating and Convening a BFFP U.S Movement

Break Free From Plastic US (BFFP US) is a movement that has members representing all parts of the plastic pipeline – from extraction to consumption.

With Plastic Solutions Fund support, BFFP US will bring together US members to address the impacts of the plastic industry from well to waste, providing more leverage to push corporations to reduce the use and production of plastic — and create a larger and more diverse constituency to move governments toward throwaway-free policies.

Additionally, this project will help BFFP US members better communicate to the public a clear vision of a plastic-free world through the medium of a strong cohesive narrative, as well as provide a larger platform to provide effective solutions toward a future free from the toxic impacts of plastic. 

The Project will be led by the BFFP U.S. Conveners Committee, which includes representatives of Earthworks, Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA), No Waste Louisiana, Plastic Pollution Coalition (PPC), Story of Stuff Project, Student Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGs), Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services (TEJAS), and UPSTREAM.


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