The Story of Plastic

The Story of Stuff Project is a San Francisco-based organization that produces award-winning animated movies designed to spur change-making conversation about our consumption-crazed culture. With the support of Plastic Solutions Fund, the team at The Story of Stuff Project is embarking on their first foray into transmedia storytelling.

The Story of Plastic will be an immersive, multi-format modular experience that will enable users to both watch and engage with the content. The core of The Story of Plastic  will be animated in the traditional “Story of Stuff” style, peppered with invitations for the viewer to “enter the story” via documentarian-filmed live-action segments highlighting real-world solutions and the heroes behind them. In addition to the web-based and mobile adaptive content, the team at The Story of Stuff Project is creating a longer-form piece that can be viewed in one sitting, for distribution to schools, film festivals, and events.

Produced and distributed in collaboration with partners in the Break Free From Plastics movement, this video and its associated digital engagement platform will illuminate both our fundamentally broken system and the ways in which we can turn it around.

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