Fearless Collective is a South Asia based public arts project that creates space to move from fear to love using participative public art. 

Fearless Collective, with Plastic Solutions Fund support, aims to make the invisible visible by drawing attention to who handles plastic waste and how it is disposed of, reframing narratives around essential labour and disposability through the voices of the waste picker community.

In a country that is deeply divided along caste, class, religious, gendered and linguistic lines — visual art in public space is an important medium for communicating and sparking conversations across these boundaries. The Fearless Collective, through an immersive storytelling workshop with members of the waste picker community, will co-create public street art interventions that honor the life, labour and dignity of these communities by bringing visibility to their stories. This will help change the narratives around plastics on a personal, social, and systemic level.   

The Essential project will focus on Delhi and Bangalore — locations where workers have been rendered vulnerable and disposable during the COVID-19 crisis, and where important conversations on essential labour and the dignity of life have gained centrality.


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