Quick Response to Support Waste pickers and Waste Workers in Asia in the Time of COVID19 Pandemic

Waste workers and waste pickers have been at the frontline, providing essential services all through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Their work, which requires them to move around the community collecting recyclables and other waste from households and businesses — often without adequate protective gear — puts them at at high risk to get the virus and spread it to their families.

GAIA Asia Pacific, with support from the Plastic Solutions Fund — along with coalition members in the region and their collaborators for the Zero Waste Cities Project — has set up a fund to provide support to these dedicated waste workers in their partner cities.

Specific objectives of project:

  • Provide protective gear and items such as face masks, gloves, alcohol and soap, to at least 300 to 500 waste workers and pickers 
  • Distribute relief packs and care kits to the waste workers’ families to include provision of food items such as rice /wheat, biscuits, canned goods, and fruits and vegetables.
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