Global Policy Mapping and Engagement

Since the launch of Break Free From Plastic (BFFP), the global political landscape for organizing around plastic pollution has shifted significantly.

While the initial focus was primarily on cleaning up litter and on public education about plastic pollution in the ocean, attention is now shifting to corporate responsibility, reduction in the usage of plastic, local zero waste solutions to leakage, and regional and national policy action on a variety of fronts in several key countries (e.g., China, Indonesia, India, Chile, and many nations in Europe). Media interest in ocean plastic pollution has simultaneously skyrocketed, drawing attention to this topic as it is increasingly being addressed in a variety of policy spaces.

Unfortunately, without a galvanizing influence, policy-makers in this arena often end up settling for the “lowest common denominator:” unambitious policy that invites no controversy from any corner. This project supports GAIA and its collaborators to intervene in policy spaces and push for higher standards. With the support of Plastic Solutions Fund, GAIA is hiring movement policy staff, creating tools and mechanisms for greater alignment and message cohesion, increasing communications campaigning to support policy work, and facilitating direct engagement in key policy spheres.

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