Movement Coordination Project for Break Free From Plastics in Europe

Zero Waste Europe is a pan-European organization specializing in waste and sustainability issues.

In June 2016, Zero Waste Europe launched the Break Free From Plastics movement in Europe, and continues to coordinate the movement. As the Break Free From Plastics movement takes shape at a global level, Zero Waste Europe intends for the European arm of BFFP to scale up its efforts with proper coordination and infrastructure.

With the help of Plastic Solutions Fund, Zero Waste Europe has embarked on the Movement Coordination Project with the goal of maximizing the number of European organizations owning and living the BFFP narrative. This project also targets other communities, such as those within academia, the media, and health movements. Thirdly, this project supports an effort to keep BFFP Europe connected to and integrated with the global Break Free From Plastics movement.

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