Building Vietnam’s Zero Waste Movement

This project is designed to start transforming the way that Vietnam handles plastic waste.

Vietnam is currently fourth in the world on the list of countries that pollute the ocean with the most plastic trash, and it is in danger of moving up to be the second most ocean-polluting country in coming years because of rapid industrial development and an influx of imported plastic trash. Local waste management and environmental groups cannot keep up with the pace of Vietnam’s economic growth.

With the help of Plastic Solutions Fund, this project (organized by Pacific Environment, Cham Islands MPA, DISED, Greenhub, MCD, Vietnam Clean and Green and GAIA) will steer Vietnam towards zero-waste practices and curb the leakage of plastic waste into the ocean.  The heart of the project is to empower communities in places where a foundation for social awareness has already been established: in island and coastal communities where there is relatively strong pro-environmental governance and community concern about plastic. The project is championing zero-waste models in these coastal community strongholds and will subsequently scale them up through larger political subdivisions to ultimately encompass entire cities.

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