AZWI Project Boost Indonesia

Alliance for Zero Waste Indonesia (AZWI) and its collaborators have been instrumental in pushing the Zero Waste narrative into mainstream discourse around plastic pollution and national waste management. 

Through this project, AZWI will build on this increased awareness by:

  • championing the zero waste solution by advocating for bans on single-use plastics and the mainstreaming of zero waste solutions at the city level;
  • pressuring corporations to change and adapt to a new world, where waste is the responsibility of the producer, single-use plastic production is eliminated, and reusables or refillables are the norm;
  • rejecting false end-of-pipe solutions by rejecting thermal technology and promoting sanitary landfills as a temporary solution for problematic packaging materials, calling for cities to implement policy and regulations regarding landfills in parallel with ambitious targets to reduce problematic packaging and segregation of wastes at source;
  • mainstreaming the narrative that recycling is not enough and call on all stakeholders to play a part in pushing for ambitious targets to significantly reduce plastic production and consumption.

This work will be carried out by Alliance for Zero Waste Indonesia (AZWI) in collaboration with BaliFokus/Nexus3 Foundation, GIDKP, YPBB, ECOTON, NolSampah, PPLH Bali, ICEL, Greenpeace and WALHI.

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