Coordination of the BFFP Participation at Bamako Convention / COP3

Basel Action Network’s (BAN) mission is to champion global environmental health and justice by ending toxic trade, catalyzing a toxics-free future, and campaigning for everyone’s right to a clean environment.

The Basel Action Network, with Plastic Solutions Fund support, will work with other members of the Break Free From Plastic (BFFP) movement to educate and engage Parties to the Bamako Convention at its Third Conference of Parties to take steps to eliminate all plastic waste trade, prohibit trade to Africa in banned substances, and promote single-use plastic phase-outs. 

Along with the International Pollutants Elimination Network (IPEN), GAIA and Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL), BAN will work to make the Bamako Convention a vital global building block in erecting a formidable wall to prevent the unbridled use and trade of plastic and its proliferation in the global south.

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