Reuse Vanguard Project

ReuSe Vanguard Project (RSVP) believes recycling has benefitted from too much attention and that the solution to the (plastic) pollution crisis lies now mostly in prevention and reuse.

Zero Waste Europe’s ReuSe Vanguard Project, with Plastic Solutions Fund support, aims to put reusable systems in the center of the solutions agenda and create the conditions for big-scale change to reusables to happen in the near future. It will apply surgical interventions in targeted market segments to get the shift started. 

The RSVP will map the packaging and retail landscape in Europe and identify what makes single-use the current default option; study what would it take to reverse the situation; and identify those flagship products and market segments for which a significant share of the market to reusable packaging can be changed with less effort.

Additionally, it will propose concrete legislative measures on reuse to European policy makers, aiming at framing the new European legislation on reuse. And, lastly, it will prepare the investment community to engage in funding the transition to reuse. 

Collaborators on the project are the Rethink Plastic Alliance and the Break Free From Plastic movement.

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