Turning the Tables to Stem the Tide: Leveraging Legal and Financial Risk to Stop the Plastic Production Buildout

For over 30 years, Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL) has used the power of law to protect the environment, promote Human Rights and ensure a just and sustainable society.

CIEL aims to change the economics driving the plastic boom by further strengthening current  integrated environmental justice, plastic, climate and health campaigns.

With the support of Plastic Solutions Fund, CIEL  aims to stop the ongoing rapid expansion of plastic production and infrastructure. Through this project, CIEL aims to create greater corporate accountability, provide support to current movements that are trying to stop US petrochemical buildout and lastly focus investor awareness on the inherent financial risks involved.

CIEL has a deep history in  Human Rights Law, financial analysis as well as a comprehensive understanding of the petrochemical industry. It aims to leverage this position to further the fight against plastics and the petrochemical boom.


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