Zero Waste Cities Project Phase II

Zero Waste Cities” seeks to lay the foundation for scaling Zero Waste throughout the Asia Pacific region, driving the diversion of millions of tons of plastic pollution from land, sea, and air and anchoring the BFFP movement in tried and true best practices of communities on the ground.

With Plastic Solutions Fund support, the coalition will support the establishment of more Zero Waste Cities across the Asia Pacific region, backed by enabling local policies and active community participation — and leverage these success stories to strengthen the momentum of the zero waste city movement.  Zero Waste Cities are increasingly becoming the hubs and catalysts that address waste and resources throughout their entire plastic lifecycle — from production to end-of-life — with the goal to reduce and eventually eliminate dependence on harmful end-of-pipe waste disposal systems.

Collaborators include GAIA, Mother Earth Foundation, YPBB, and a dozen other organizations.


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