Exit Plastic in Germany: Towards a transformative toxic-free and resource saving reuse economy

With Plastic Solutions Fund support, this grant is to be used for the coordination of the Ways out of the Plastic Crisis Alliance, which aims to catalyze political processes and counter the plastic industry’s influence to create a landscape enabling a transformation to a toxic-free and resource-saving reuse economy:

  • One which takes a lifecycle approach that takes the environment, health, and social and environmental justice into account;
  • One that is backed by a broad range of mobilized stakeholders and the public;
  • One that regulates the plastic industry;
  • And one that makes Germany a front runner regarding plastics, encouraging other countries to follow.

As an active part of the BFFP movement, the alliance will join forces and coordinate actions with the international civil society working on plastics, and engage in relevant European and global policy processes, such as the Global Treaty on Plastics.

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