Building a Strong Coordinated National Plastics Campaign in the Philippines

With Plastic Solutions Fund support, this project aims to consolidate and strengthen the work of Break Free From Plastic (BFFP) member organizations in the Philippines. The coalition will work to harness, focus, and amplify their interdependent initiatives in order to advance real, demonstrable, and lasting solutions to the plastic-pollution crisis in the country.  This can then be used to positively influence campaign developments in other countries, especially in the Asia-Pacific region.

Key areas of focus are: pushing for a national plastic-reduction policy; targeting single-use packaging; safeguarding the country’s waste incineration ban, while countering false solutions; stopping the importation and dumping of plastic waste into the country from industrialized nations for recycling or use as fuel in cement kilns; establishing plastic-free places and zero waste institutions; and elevating research and public discourse on the harmful effects of plastics on human health and the economy.

This project is a collaboration between EcoWaste Coalition (EWC), GAIA, Greenpeace Philippines, Health Care Without Harm Southeast Asia, Mother Earth Foundation, and No Burn Pilipinas.



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