Rethinking Plastic 2.0: A cornerstone to a successful EU circular Economy and decarbonisation agenda

Rethink Plastic is an alliance of European NGOs with thousands of active groups, supporters and citizens in every European Union (EU) member state. 

With Plastic Solutions Fund support, the alliance will bring together policy and technical expertise from a variety of relevant fields, and work with European policy-makers to design and deliver policy solutions for a future that is free from plastic pollution. Cooperating as an alliance, members can magnify their combined capacity in order to exercise maximum influence on EU policy-making.

The alliance will focus on EU Institutions, encouraging them to put in place policies and standards that will trigger systemic changes along the entire plastics value chain. This will create a ripple effect throughout the world — driving down the production and consumption of plastic products and packaging globally, improving the design of essential plastic products, and implementing zero waste principles.

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