A Post-COVID World We Want

All over the world, fenceline communities, waste workers, Break Free From Plastic (BFFP) members and stakeholders are facing increased risk and uncertainty in the midst of the Covid19 pandemic. It is crucial that the movement develops an integrated and adaptive strategy in response to this. 

With Plastic Solutions Fund support, Peak Plastic Foundation (PPF) will support the BFFP movement to develop a cohesive response to the situation. PPF will convene a cross sectional task force of BFFP movement narrative shifting experts who will develop just recovery demands that are inclusive and representative of the region-specific issues faced by BFFP members during the pandemic. BFFP has recognized the need to reconvene, survey and assess opportunities in a pandemic-affected world.

Peak Plastic Foundation was founded by Megan Ponder and Stiv Wilson, who have been collaborating for over a decade on plastic pollution advocacy projects across a wide range of experiences, most recently as creators and producers of The Story of Plastic film.

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