Building Grassroots Power in the US Gulf to Stop and Slow the Petrochemical Plunder for More Plastics

The Permian Gulf Coast Coalition (PGC) is aimed at slowing and stopping the oil, gas, and petrochemical buildout from the the oil fields of west Texas and southeast New Mexico to the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast.

With Plastic Solutions Fund support, the PGC will advance robust frontline-led campaigns that stop or slow key projects and delay the overall oil, gas, and petrochemical buildout along the US Gulf Coast and leverage that momentum toward movements to end environmental racism, keep hydrocarbons in the ground, and keep plastics out of our environment.

In 2022, at COP27 in Cairo, this grant will also help support the participation of PGC members and amplify frontline voices impacted by oil, gas, and plastics.

Earthworks is the fiscal sponsor of this project.

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