People Over Plastic

The People Over Plastic (PoP) project, with support from Plastic Solutions Fund, is a cultural and media hub centered on environmental justice, bringing together leaders, activists, journalists, artists, and community members for thought-provoking and accessible dialogues.

PoP believes personal stories that center the voices of the most impacted will always be more accurate and humanized, and therefore, more likely to drive meaningful social change. Through in-person storytelling salons, digital media projects, and strategic media campaigns—they tell stories to disrupt harmful narratives and to inform movements for justice. 

Among other media projects, PoP produces a documentary-style podcast which delves into real conversations on the understory of the plastic pollution crisis and related intersectional issues. Listen to ‘People over Plastic’ on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or your favorite podcatcher. Learn more at and @peoplexplastic on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn

The fiscal sponsor is Occidental Arts and Ecology Center.

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