Break Free From Plastic Communications Hub 2020-2023

The Break Free From Plastic Communications Hub (BFFP Comms Hub) works to harness and amplify the diverse voices of the BFFP movement in order to shift the narrative on plastic pollution in line with the goals set by Tagaytay 2.0.

With Plastic Solutions Fund support, The Comms Hub will refocus and reorient its role to better support the achievement of Tagaytay 2.0 goals. They aim to do this by providing strategic and proactive communications across regions and workstreams, strengthening the communications capacity of members and empowering them to take ownership of the BFFP brand, and lastly future-proofing their vision and narrative through relevant research, trend analysis, strategic and sustained media engagement and outreach to new audiences.

Collaborators on this project include: Story of Stuff Project, GAIA (US), Zero Waste Europe, GAIA Asia Pacific and BFFP movement members.


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