Indonesia Zero-Waste Living Lab

ENVIU is an organization that builds world-changing companies. For this project, they are developing scalable and financially viable social enterprises which bring alternative delivery solutions to consumers.

In focusing specifically on market development and social enterprises, this project fills a crucial gap in the landscape of zero-waste actors whose primary focus is on developing community and institutional support. ENVIU believes that for real change, alternative delivery solutions need to become more affordable and accessible for consumers so that we move from small scale trends to the new normal: sustainable consumption patterns without waste production and waste leakage in the mainstream market.

On the basis of their research and insights so far, ENVIU identified a strong need for a market development program, which they call “the Zero Waste Living Lab.” The Zero Waste Living Lab works towards creating an exemplary new market in two regions in Indonesia (Bandung & Surabaya) with multiple new business models bringing ADS solutions to thousands of consumers. With this market development approach, they aim to not only create a local tipping point towards zero waste lifestyles but also set a regional and global example for this market being feasible and viable, with the ultimate proof of the Indonesian ventures scaling to other countries in the world.

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