Our Approach

Our Strategy

The Plastic Solutions Fund supports projects aimed at reducing production
of single use plastic and packaging, with a focus on key drivers
of system change in the plastic supply chain.

Changing the way companies and
brands deliver products to consumers

Changing the way cities manage plastic waste

Changing the culture of acceptability
around single use plastic

Our Work

The Plastic Solutions Fund makes direct grants, supports parallel grant making, provides in-kind services and shares strategic guidance – all to support our grantees. We are inspired by projects that kick start change though the whole plastic system. We prefer projects that engage multiple organizations, building the strength of the movement overall as well as delivering tangible outcomes. We work in collaboration with our grantees, seeking to create partnerships early in project inception and development.

Our Structure

The Plastic Solutions Fund is an international funders collaborative comprised of Partners and Members who help identify, assess and approve projects for investment. They also remain engaged in project oversight and implementation. The collaborative is a sponsored project of  Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that manages more than $280 million in charitable giving. RPA provides staff support and financial management services for a small fee.
Plastic Solutions Fund Partners commit $500,000 annually for three years; Members contribute a minimum of $100,000 in any one year.  Partners serve on the Board of Directors and maintain primary responsibility for guiding projects through the design and approval process. Members participate in all Board discussions and meetings. As appropriate, the Plastic Solutions Fund also provides guidance to other philanthropies interested in plastic pollution issues.
The Plastic Solutions Fund Partners and Members currently have a combined three year commitment of $12 million.