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The Board

Steve Campbell

Campaign Leader
Oak Foundation
Environment Program (Board Chair)

Oak Foundation commits its resources to address issues of global, social and environmental concern, particularly those that have a major impact on the lives of the disadvantaged.

We invested in the Plastics Solutions Fund, because we understand the major impact unrestrained plastics production is having on the marine and terrestrial ecologies as well as, through burning, on the atmosphere. Plastic pollution is a major driver of the decline of humanity’s ability to enjoy and utilize the oceans and the plastics industry currently has no plan of action to truly address the issue. Oak strongly believes in collaborative and coordinated philanthropy, and the Plastics Solution Fund gives us this opportunity to address the problems systemically.

Daniel Katz

Senior Program Director of the Environment Program

The Overbrook Foundation is a progressive family foundation that supports organizations advancing human rights and conserving the natural environment.  Both programs support organizations in the United States and Latin America.

Overbrook is investing in the Plastic Solution Fund to leverage the power of an international funding collaborative in combating the pervasive problem of plastic pollution. We believe it is critical to support organizations working to shift consumer and corporate behavior in order to reduce the manufacturing and use of unnecessary plastics across all of society’s sectors. We are pleased to be a part of this global coalition, working to fund coordinated and innovative solutions.

Leslie Hatfield

GRACE Communications Foundation
Senior Partnership and Outreach Advisor

GRACE Communications Foundation develops innovative strategies to increase public awareness of the critical environmental and public health issues created by our current industrial food system, and to advocate for more sustainable alternatives. By building partnerships and mobilizing philanthropic resources, we promote consumer actions and public policies that support sustainable food production and embrace the complex interconnections of food, water and energy.

We at GRACE recognize plastic pollution as a social and environmental crisis that is not yet the priority it should be for policy makers or consumers, and believe that the problem requires international collaboration and interventions along the supply chain. We’ve invested in the Fund because we believe in the power of collaboration among funders as well as advocates, and we are determined to help turn the tide on plastic pollution!

Holger Schmid

Director, Sustainable Economy & Switzerland Programme

The MAVA Foundation is a family-led, Swiss-based philanthropic foundation with a focus on the conservation of biodiversity. It acts for the benefit of people and nature by funding, mobilizing and strengthening our partners and the conservation community.

MAVA has chosen to invest in the plastics solution fund within MAVA’s focus on plastics material flow in a circular economy. Global material streams are driven by globally acting companies requiring a response from civil society at the same scale. The plastics solution allows us to act collaboratively based on leading expertise from different geographies.   

J. Charles Fox

Executive Director, Oceans 5

Oceans 5 is an international funders collaborative founded in 2011 with 13 Partners and Members.  We focus on projects to improve ocean health, particularly those to stop overfishing and establish marine reserves

Combating plastic pollution is a critically important priority for the health of the planet and the world’s oceans.  The Plastic Solutions Fund makes strategic investments in projects to eliminate unnecessary single-use plastic products and reduce waste.  By participating in the PSF, Oceans 5 leverages its investments and can make more informed decisions about how to best combat pollution associated with plastic production.

Martijn Meijer 

Environment Programme Manager

Adessium Foundation is a private grant making foundation based in The Netherlands. Adessium Foundation aspires to a society that encourages people to live in harmony with each other and with their environments. The Foundation works to achieve a balanced society characterized by integrity, a balance between people and nature, and social harmony.

Over the past few years the issue of plastic pollution has made its way to the front pages of the world’s newspapers. It has mobilized people and organizations around the world that want to tackle the issue through e.g. beach cleanups or the use of reusable materials. But to actually close the tap on plastic pollution more is needed. We need to rethink the way we use and produce plastics. The Plastic Solutions Fund seeks to support a NGO strategy that has been developed to make an impact at the start of the supply chain: reducing the production of single use plastics and packaging materials. Adessium fully supports this strategy and is looking forward to work with the global NGO movement and the other members of the Plastic Solutions Fund to turn this reduction strategy into reality.

Jim Angell

Director, Paul M. Angell Family Foundation
The Paul M. Angell Family Foundation’s mission is to advance society through the performing arts, conservation of the world’s oceans, and alleviation of poverty. The foundation was created in 2011 to honor Paul M. Angell, and strives to embody the legacy of his compassion, ingenuity and industriousness.
Today we are adding an estimated eight million tons of plastics to the oceans annually — a number that, absent dramatic action, will only grow in the future.  These plastics entangle and choke wildlife, are eaten by fish thereby entering wildlife and human food chains, and will persist for millennia.  We are proud to join the Plastics Solution Fund because it is essential that governments, NGOs, and the funding communities come together to confront this scourge.

Sara Lowell

Marine Program Director, Marisla Foundation

Marisla Foundation, based in California, focuses on human services and environment grant-making. Its marine conservation program provides grants in the Western North America, South America, Hawaii, and the Western Pacific across broad conservation strategies and issue areas, including plastic pollution.

Marisla Foundation sees the Plastic Solutions Fund as an opportunity to support a growing movement of groups working to stem the tide of plastic pollution in our world’s oceans. Using this movement and their strategy as a guiding focus, and together with our partners, we can leverage our collective efforts to truly make a meaningful in this issue which is both global and pervasive.

Karin Jestin

Philanthropy advisor to the Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Foundation

The Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Foundation is a family-led swiss-registered grant-making foundation created in memory of the shipping entrepreneur Kristian Gerhard Jebsen.

Its commitment to the Plastic Solutions Fund is rooted in a profound appreciation of the oceans and a core belief in helping people regain control over their health capital through better nutrition.

Our Team

Nicky Davies

Program Director
Plastic Solutions Fund

Nicky has been the Program Director of the Plastics Solutions Fund since its launch in January 2017.  From 2012 to 2017 she was the Program Director of Greenpeace USA, having been the Deputy Head of Climate and Energy Campaigns for Greenpeace International from 2007- 2012.  Prior to that Nicky ran a small NGO in her native Australia that worked across a whole range of local environmental issues, including climate change, waste management & water conservation.  Nicky is an environmental lawyer by training and is currently on the Board of Directors of the Oil and Gas Action Network and PlugIn America.  

Jennifer Holyer

Plastic Solutions Fund

Jennifer joined the Plastics Solutions Fund in October 2017.  From 2012 to 2017 she was the Development Director of the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center in West Yellowstone, Montana, and was previously involved in nonprofit conservation and education for more than a decade. Jennifer has lived, worked, sailed, and/or fished fresh water and saltwater most of her life, and is committed to ocean conservation in many forms.