Eliminating Taiwan’s “Notorious Five”

Wild at Heart Legal Defense Association

This proposal is aimed to eliminate (or reduce to a minimum) the top 5 disposable plastic products by 2020, including plastic bags, Styrofoam products, multi-material sachets, plastic utensils and straws, sanitary pads and disposable diapers.

We will cooperate with other grassroot NGOs, the decision makers (EPA Taiwan) and give advice to plastics-manufacturing cooperates like Coca-Cola, etc.

In Taiwan, single-use disposable plastics pose a great problem to the environment, and the five main targets are not recyclable according to current recycling policy and/or limited technology.

“Wild at Heart Legal Defense Association, Taiwan” is currently the only NGO in Taiwan that advocates reduce and refuse plastics from the upstream and promoting the Zero Waste lifestyle. While other NGOs focus on waste management and efficient plastic recycling, we aim to change the consuming pattern in people’s everyday life. This is the reason we want to eliminate the five disposable plastic products.

In the long run, we are also aiming to make at least one ZeroWaste model, and we’ve selected two small islands, namely the Lambai Island and the Orchid Island.